James SKAGGS, Jr.

Male Abt 1734 - Bef 1811  (~ 77 years)

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  • Name James SKAGGS 
    Suffix Jr. 
    Born Abt 1734  Fincastle, Botetourt Co. VA Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Gender Male 
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    Died Bef 22 Nov 1811  Indian Creek, Joachim Twp. District of St. Louis, MO Find all individuals with events at this location 
    • Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia Extracted from the Original Court Records of Augusta County 1745-1800, Deed Book No. 16, page 49.

      Page 49.--26th April, 1769. JAMES ( ) SCAGGS (SKEGGS), Sr., and RACHEL ( ) to JAMES SCAGGS, Jr., 100, 104 acres patented to Samuel Ratlive 22d August, 1753, and conveyed to JAMES, Sr., on Meadow Creek, a branch of New River. Teste: William Preston, Richard Whitt, James ( ) Skggs,* John ( ) Skggs,** Is. Christian, James Buchanan, W. Ingles. *Note that James Sr. conveyed to James Jr., and a third James signed as witness. **This John may a grandson rather than the son of James and Rachel.

      1773: The first permanent settlers [in Tazewell Co., VA] came from Augusta and Rockbridge counties, New River and its tributaries. . . . In 1773 there were settled [among others] JAMES and CHARLES SCAGGS in Baptist Valley, five miles from site of Tazewell. --Robert Bell Woodworth, The Captives of Abb's Valley: A Legend of Frontier Life (Staunton, VA: McClure Co., Inc., Publishers, 1942), xi

      Deposition of WILLIAM RATLIFF (27 April 1836 at the home of WILLIAM SKAGGS, Aleck Fork of Pitman Creek). I was acquainted with MOSES SKAGGS of Green County, KY. He had 4 sisters, to wit: SUSANNAH, wife of RICHARD WHIT; LYDIA, wife of MATTHIAS HARMON, ELIZABETH "Betsy," wife of JOHN HANKINS; and NANCY, wife of WILLIAM MERIDY. I was quite intimate with them in Virginia. I knew them before they married. MOSES had a brother named JOHN SKAGGS. . . I knew the brothers of MOSES SKAGGS. They were HENRY, JAMES, CHARLES, JOHN, RICHARD and JACOB SKAGGS. I knew them in Kentucky and they all raised large families.

      Deposition of FRANCES SAMPLES (27 April 1836). I was familiar with MOSES SKAGGS who died in Green County about 40 years ago. He had 4 sisters, to wit: SUSANNAH, wife of RICHARD WHIT; LYDIA, wife of MATTHIAS HARMAN; ELIZABETH, wife of JOHN HANKINS, and NANCY, wife of WILLIAM MERIDY. They lived in Virginia. When I knew them, MOSES had 6 brothers: HENRY, JOHN, JAMES, CHARLES, RICHARD and JACOB.



      Kegley, Early Adventurers, p. 367: "James SKAGGS, Jr. first appeared in the records in 1769 when he received lands from his father and mother, James and Rachel SKAGGS. He may be the one designated as "Little James SKAGGS" who reported in 1774 that he had seen Indians between Ninian CLOYD's and Peter POOR's (Chalkley, Chronicles, III, 490; Preston Papers, Draper Mss., 3 QQ 54).

      "In 1779 he purchased the 100 acres which had been selected by John BUCHANAN in 1748 from his son, William BUCHANAN (August County Surveys; Montgomery Deed Book A, p.190). Here SKAGGS operated a ferry across New River, and once in legal possession of the lands, SKAGGS petitioned the Montgomery County court to view the possibility of a 'nearer and better Road which may be had either by SKAGG's place commonly called the old ferry, or by Dunker Bottom, rather than the one presently occupied by William INGLES.' Three months later in March 1779 no report had been forthcoming and men were chosen to meet and view the road by . . . [to be continued]

      SKAGGS' STATION, on Brush Creek, in Green County; about 1781. --William Elsey Connelley and E. M. Coulter, History of Kentucky, Charles Kerr, ed. (Chicgo: American Historical Society, 1922), 209.

      Another station, called Shank Painter, or SKAGG'S STATION, was situated where the small village of Summersville now stands, six miles northwest of Greensburg. --William B. Allen, A History of Kentucky (Louisville: Bradley & Gilbert, 1872), 126; actual page image at Ancestry.com

      "South Fork Church was possibly the first church organized within the boundary of the territory which is now LaRue County. Spencer, in his 'History of Kentucky Baptists,' Volume 1, page 194, says: 'It was originally a Separate Baptist Church, and, according to tradition, was gathered by Benjamin Lynn and JAMES SKAGGS in the summer of 1782.' If any organization was in existence on Nolynn at that early date, it could have been nowhere except in Phillips' fort." --Otis M. Mather, Six Generations of LaRues And Allied Families (Hodgenville, KY: by the compiler, 1921), 150.

      This is the James Skaggs that had an early well documented Station in the Green Co., KY, area. James deserted his family about 1787 and ran off to Missouri with neighbor Mrs. Leah Carter, wife of Meshack Carter. James and Leah returned Kentucky in 1793 and Leah's husband filed for, and was awarded, a divorce from her, Nov. 23, 1793, Nelson Co., KY. Leah outlived James and is referred to as Widow Skaggs in his estate file in Jefferson Co., MO (formerly Joachim Twp.), but a marriage record has not been located for them.

      JAMES HENRY SKAGGS was born on the 2d of August, 1840, near Danby, Jefferson County, Mo., and is the son of HENRY SKAGGS, the grandson of STEPHEN SKAGGS, and the great-grandson of JAMES SKAGGS, who was a native of Virginia, a man of great physical strength and activity, and of whom it is said that he settled in Kentucky before Daniel Boone. --excerpt from Randolph County in Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Northeast Arkansas (Chicago, IL: Goodspeed Publishers, 1889), 431;

      Bob VanDyne to Skaggs-L, Nov. 15, 1998: The inventory of James SKAGGS of Indian Ck. Joachim twp. Dist. of St. Louis [MO] 22 Nov, 1811. 2 pgs.; 1st page inventory of goods, 2nd pg. named people who purchased items at the sale -- "Widow SKAGGS", Joseph HAWKS, Benjamin HORNE, Jacob SKAGGS, Benjamin SKAGGS, Charles PATTEN, Samuel SKAGGS, William TWITTY, John [DIXON?], Henry SKAGGS & George MARR. Bemjamin SKAGGS Admr.

      Date: Fri, 6 Mar 1998 04:04:47 -0800
      From: Bob Vandyne
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      Subject: James SKAGGS' Station
      To SKAGGS rooters all;
      My own notes: This is only portion of the actual article) \

      From the "Green Co. Review" Vol.4,#1 Oct,1980 [pgs. unknown]
      James SKAGGS' Station

      The 3rd station to be established within the present area of Green Co.,KY was SKAGGS' Station, which was located on Bruch Ck. & settled by James SKAGGS 1780.

      References to SKAGGS' Station in court recs. are appallingly scant so we will go to oral tradition for the story of its settlement. The following acct. was furnished us by several different sources but all gave as the original source a letter written 3 Jly,1974 by Albert
      JONES of Scottsburg, IN to James SCOTT of Louisville, KY.

      My knowledge of James SKAGGS is mostly what my father & Uncle Joe "Paddy" WARREN told me when I was a small boy.

      James, his wife & dau. & 3 sons came to Green Co, KY on Brush Ck. where the Jones Cem. is located & built a cabin fort somewhere on the site of the cemetery - This was in the yr 1779/1780 - That fall, in Oct., it was decided that provisions for winter were insignificant & it would be necessary to return to BRIANs Station to spend the winter.

      James & his wife had their dau. take a cooking pot & dutch oven to Indian Hollow to a small cave [now destroyed by construction of Hwy.#61] to hide them for their return the next spring. While the dau. was there a small party of Indians [4 or 5] came upon her, killed & skalped her @ Indian Hollow. Her father & bros. sought & found her & brought her body back to the fort/cabin & buried her inside it. This was the 1st burying @ the Jones Cem. & probably the 1st in Green Co. The exact site of the grave is unknown.

      The following spring after her burying, James,his wife & sons with a party of others returned & built a Fort @ the site of the house where my sister lives. On their return they found the 1st structure burned to the ground. The new Fort was 22 & 24 ft., 2 stories high, built of large hewed yellow popular logs w/port holes in the upper story, an inside stairway & a large stone chimney @ the south end. There was a fireplace on the 1st floor w/a smaller fireplace on the 2nd. floor. This site was selected because of a large spring nearby, but it went dry several yrs. ago.

      James discovered Brush Ck. Valley by following the Indian Trail down Indian Hollow. This trail extended from the eastern part of the US. to a site on the south west part of land owned by my sister where there was a seam of highly colored clay that the Indians used for war paint. When a boy I have obtained the clay from this seam in bright red, white, purple & lt. green, there was also a small amount of blue. The seam has been covered by a landslide. This farm where my sister now lives & Jones Cem., Joe"Paddy" WARREN & John "Fox" WARREN farms are in the area I'm speaking of.

      One of James? sons died & my g-grandfather bought the farm from the survivors.

      The exact date of the founding of SKAGGS' Station is unknown, however treas. warrant # 11533 for 450acs. of land on Brush Ck. was issued to James SKAGGS on the 1st day of Apr,1780. This probably corresponds closely to the date of actual settlement. The tract of land in question was originally located in Jefferson Co but had been thrown into Nelson Co by the date it was formally granted by Gov. Patrick HENRY on 8 May,1786. [This land grant is listed in the Master Index, Va. Surveys & Grants,1774-1791, Kentucky His. Soc., Vol.16, Original Survey #3841,to James SKAGGS survey date 7 Jly, 1784, original bk. #5, pgs.2-3,grantee James SKAGGS & heirs, grant date 8 May,1786, original bk. #3, pgs. 336-337].

      Henry SKAGGS gave a deposition in the case of RHEA vs. ABNEY,from his house in Grayson Co, in 1835. He stated that he came to PITMANs Station in the month of Oct.[1780] & left in the mar. following. There was only one other station on Green River at that time [GLOVERs Station having been broken up by Indians prior to his arrival],this was SKAGGS' Station by Brush Ck. Although Henry SKAGGS' home was @ PITMANs Station he used to hunt from PITMANs to James SKAGGS' Station.

      In a deposition given on 30 Jly,1810 to be read as evidence in a suit then pending in the Green Circuit Ct. between Smith TANDY & James SMITH,William SKAGGS stated that PITMANs & SKAGGS' Stations were broken up by Indians in Mar, 1781 & that the settlers moved to POTTENGERs. LYNNs, DAVIS' & LOGANs Stations. Settlements in Green Co. were not reestablished until the fall or 1784.

      Another deposition, perhaps by a different William SKAGGS, was given on 4 May, 1821, to be read as evidence in the suit of RHEA vs. ABNEY, in the Green Co. Cir. Ct. William SKAGGS stated that he had been a resident of PITMANs Station & that he was a young man at the time,having been 17 yrs old on 2nd of Sep. [1779],before the settlement of the station the following spring [1780]. He gave the distance from PITMANs Station to SKAGG' Station as 7 miles. He thought that PITMANs Station was broken up in Feb,1781 [another depositions gave the month of March]. He deposes that when the station was broken up, "We moved near Bardstown & PITMAN & the rest went into what is since called the upper counties.

      The 1785 tax list for Nelson Co [as pub. in the Nelson Co. Pioneer, Vol.1, #1,pg.9, summer of '77,a quarterly pub. of the Nelson Co. His. Soc., P.O. Box 311,bardstown,KY 40004] lists among the entries turned in by Joseph BARNETT,which included the settlers ""on all the southern waters of Rolling Beach Forks westwardly of the waters of Hardin Ck"", the following tithables. [the 1st figure following the name gives the # of whites, the 2nd figure gives the # of white tithables].

      William SKEGGS 4-2
      James SKEGGS,jr 3-1
      Meshack CARTER 7-1

      The forgoing names were given in their original order,they are followed by the names of 40 other tithables & then these names appear:

      James SKEGGS,sr 9-4
      Henry SKEGGS 4-1

      "J.H. SPENCER, "A History of KY. Baptist Vol.1,pg.17 gives us additional information about James SKAGGS.

      Benjamin LYNN,who is supposed to have emigrated from VA.,came to KY in1780. He probably remained a short time in PHILIPS' Fort in what is now LaRueCo., where according to tradition he raised up the church now called South Fork, in 1782. Afterwards he settled on Beech Fork in Nelson Co.,where he raised up Pottenger's church, in 1785. Of these 2 churches & another which he & his co-laborer James SKAGGS, constituted under the style of Level Woods, he was pastor during about 15yrs.

      James SKAGGS came from VA. to KY about the same time Benj. LYNN did, & was associated with that famous pioneer in he early labors in the new country. After a few yrs.,he fell under reproach on account of immoral conduct & moved further west. After this nothing more is known of him. A creek or small river in barren Co. bears his name.

      [I have additional information on the statement of the last paragraph on James SKAGGS' elopment & whereabouts at the end of this work.] Bob VanDYNE

      At the close of the yr, 1780 there were one licenced & 5 ordained Baptist preachers in what is now the large populous state of Kentucky - Wm. MARSHALL, Joseph BARNETT, John WHITAKER, Benj. LYNN, James SKAGGS & licentiate John GERRARD. If there were others it is not known. There was no preacher of any sect in the new country.

      The broad field was left, for the present Baptist alone. We know of few Baptist church members & doubtless there were others whose names we shall not know. But few as they were, at this period, they had brought with them, the seed of discord, some of the bitter fruits of which we shall see in the sequel. Some of them were SEPARATE & others were REGULAR Baptist - a distinction almost without a difference. Of the preachers MARSHALL, LYNN, & SKAGGS were Separates, while BARNETT,WHITAKER & GERRARD were Regulars.

      [This information inserted here to give more information on the James SKAGGS & Leah CARTER elopement. Copied from a book [which I did not get a title from !! - Vol. 8,#3 5 Oct,1793 (a newspaper I think, two separate listings)

      Mechach CARTER gives public notice that 6 yrs & 4 mos. ago his wife, Leah eloped with James SKAGGS, & they are now back in Nelson Co. Meshech CARTER, Nelson Co, 9 Sep, 1793, notice he will petition the Assembly for a divorce from his wife Leah.]

      Returing back to James SKAGGS' Station - The nature of James SKAGGS' immoral conduct is revealed in a document recorded in Nelson Co. Deed Bk. 4, pg. 882-883

      "I do hearby certify that I do forever quit all claim of my wright & title to Masheck CARTER as husband & forever quit all claim to any wright or title of any part of Sd. CARTER estate either real or personal. Given under my hand this 23rd day of Nov,1793 Leah [her X mark] CARTER Wit:Atkinson HILL, James CRAVEN."

      At the court heald for Nelson Co. on Tuesday the 10th of Dec,1793 the with-in instrument of writing was proved by Atkinson HILL one of the subscribing witnesses & ordered to record we the under named subscribers mutually chosen by Masheck CARTER & Leah his wife that formerly was to settle & determine the dispute that subsisted between them by reason of her elopment with James SKAGGS from sd. CARTER do give our opinion."

      pg.883 "in the following manner the parties being 1st sworn to abide by the award given by us which is in the following manner, We award that sd. Leah is no more the wife of sd. CARTER nor to have any claim to any of his estate either real or personal only is given by bond bearing date with this interwement, given under our hands this 23rd day of Nov,1793. (signed) John CARNAHAN, John DAVIS, John CAMERON, James BROWN, Samuel McADAMS, Atkinson HILL.

      At the court held for Nelson Co on Tuesday the 10th day of Dec, 1793. This award was produced & ordered to be recorded. Teste Ben GRAYSON.

      The foregoing document helps to explain another record which was filed in the corresponding time period in Green Co, KY.

      Deed Bk. 1, pg. 5 Know all men I, James SKAGGS,have bargained & sold unto Henry SKAGGS, Stephen SKAGGS & James SKAGGS all that tract of land situated on Brush Ck. in Green Co. containing 450 acs. being the same tract or parcel of land that was granted by patent from the state of VA. to me, served the2nd day of July, 1784 which land I will forever defend from me & all manner of persons claiming under me unto them, their heirs or assigns forever for the sum of 100 pds. to me in hand paid the receipt is hereby acknowledged given under my hand & seal the 15th of Nov, 1793. (signed) James SKAGGS Wit: John EMERSON, Alexander VANCE.

      At the County Court held for Green Co the 14th day of Nov,1793, this indenture was acknowledged by said James SKAGGS to be his act & deed & ordered to be recorded. Teste: James ALLEN.

      It is evident that James SKAGGS left this area soon after executing the deed for the Brush Ck. Station tract to his 3 sons. Whether he returned after wagging toungs began to slack or whether he died in self imposed exile is not known; nor has it been established where he went when he left this region.

      [I must insert new information here & tell where James SKAGGS died. An inventory of all the goods & chatels of the late dec'd James SKAGGS of Indian Cr. Joachim Township Dist. of St.Louis Nov. 22nd,1811. The appraisment bill....(list of goods on inventory).

      "Widow SKAGGS [her purchase]
      Joseph HAWKS,jr [his " ]
      Benjamin HARMAN ? [his " ]
      Widow SKAGGS [her " ]
      Joseph HAWKS,jr [his " ]
      Widow SKAGGS [her " ]
      Jacob SKAGGS [his " ]
      Benjamin SKAGGS [his " ]
      Charles PATTEN [his " ]
      Samuel MEGEE ? [his " ]
      Widow SKAGGS [her " ]
      William TWITTY? [his " ]
      John PEARSON?? [his " ]
      Henry SKAGGS [his " ]
      George MARR [his " ]"

      The total taken in @ the sale $253.37 1/2 dollars. Signed "Benjamin [his X mark] SKAGGS admr." "filed 24th Feb,1812 Samuel BAY". In the above list is one Jacob SKAGGS, I would like to prove this is the Jacob SKAGGS who md. Mary Jane GORE/FLETCHER/EDWARDS. Joachim Township turned into Jefferson Co, MO. in 1818. So who are Henry & Benjamin SKAGGS ?, brothers ?

      We return again to James SKAGGS Station. Green Co. order bk. 6, pg. 196 dated 23 Sep,1816 contains the following entry: "On the motion of William SKAGGS it is orderd that Wm. BARNETT, Nathaniel OWEN & James SCOTT be & they are hereby appointed commissioners to divide a tract of land on Brush Ck., Green Co. agreeable to quanity which was left by James SKAGGS, sr dec'd. to his 3 sons James SKAGGS, Stephen SKAGGS & Henry SKAGGS all since departed this life & divide the said land unto three parts so as to allot to the said representatives, heirs of said James SKAGGS Stephen SKAGGS & Henry SKAGGS their respective parts of said land."

      If we view the forgoing court order apart from other records it appears that the Brush Ck. station tract descended to the sons of James SKAGGS, by inheritance at his death. We know that this is not the case because the deed recorded in Green Co. Deed Bk. 1, pg. 5 which has previously been quoted, grants the property to his 3 sons Henry, Stephen & James in Nov, 1793 for a purchase price of 100 pds. This entry does prove, however that by Sep,1816, James SKAGGS the founder of SKAGGS Station & his 3 sons were all dec'd.

      Another entry which appears in Order Bk.6, pg.447 dated 25 Oct,1819 gives us additional information:

      "William SKAGGS is appointed guardian to the infant heirs of Stephen SKAGGS dec'd, & also the infant heirs of James SKAGGS dec'd & it is ordered that Nathaniel OWENS, James SCOTT & Wm. BARNETT be appointed Commissioners to divide the land of James SKAGGS,sr, dec'd between the sons & daus. of his 3 sons Stephen, Henry & James SKAGGS which 3 sons have departed this life having recieved a joint deed from their father for said land. It is ordered that the said Commissioners convey to the sons & daus. of the said Stephen SKAGGS their proportion of said lands & in like manner convey to the sons & daus. of Henry SKAGGS dec'd their proportion & in like manner to the sons & daus. of James SKAGGS, jr dec'd their proportion of said land"

      In the above entry James SKAGGS founder of SKAGGS' Station, is obviously referred to as James SKAGGS, sr, however his is probably the same individual designated as James SKAGGS, jr on the 1785 tax list for Nelson Co.

      A James SKAGGS, sr also appears on that tax list. We might assume that James SKAGGS, jr was s/o James SKAGGS, sr & this way may indeed be true, but many a researcher has learned from bitter experience that this is not necessarily so.

      Although we cannot identify, with certainty, the parents of James SKAGGS, founder of SKAGGS' Station, we are better able to identify his decendents. The children of his sons, Stephen, Henry & James are named in a deed which is located in Green Co. Deed Bk. 9, pgs. 500-502, dated 9 Oct,1820.

      Date: Thu, 16 Oct 97 02:21:23 UT
      From: "Russell Perkins"
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      Subject: SKAGGS line

      I have the following line from the Old Long Hunter James Skaggs. Would like to have someone check it out and send comments to me. I need a double check because it has a few differences from my file. Rather than start a large discussion or disagreement, it might be best to reply to me off the list. If I find that the list is accurate, I will repost it later. Thanks to everone!!
      Russell fdrmanowar@msn.com

      Lineage of Old Long Hunter James Skaggs

      James, Sr. b. 1720

      His Children: (1) Henry, b. 1750
      (2) Stephen b.
      (3) James, Jr.

      Children of (3) James, Jr:
      John (Father of Benjamin Owen Skaggs)

      Children of (2) Stephen:

      Children of (1) Henry b. 1750
      Jeremiah (4)

      Children of Jeremiah (4):
      Jeremiah, Jr
      William T. "Bluehead" (5) b. 1797

      Children of William T. "Bluehead" (5):
      William H. Harrison
      John R. (may be Cynthia's Son)
      James Thomas, (6) b. 1830

      Children of James Thomas, (6):
      James Thomas "Tom"
      Lewis Warner
      Sarah Cathryn
      John Will, (7) b. 1852

      Children of John Will, (7):
      Mary Angeline
      Reuben Erasmus
      James Ransom
      Noah Morris, b. 1879
      Robert Miller
      Lucinthia Jane
      Mason Alonzo Children were: James Skaggs, William Skaggs, Henry Skaggs, Stephen Skaggs, Rachel Skaggs, Jeremiah Skaggs, Jenny Skaggs, Loveless Skaggs, Mary Skaggs.

      He was married to Leah ??? in 1776 in Nelson County, Kentucky.
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