Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Altizer, Danny Lee  31 Aug 1957Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA I10229
2 Ball, George Andrew  20 Jun 1926Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA I33218
3 Beavers, April Dawn  19 Sep 1972Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA I19864
4 BEAVERS, Claudia  21 Nov 1935Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA I20628
5 Beavers, Gary Thomas  26 May 1949Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA I19862
6 Breedlove, Gary Lee  24 May 1949Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA I34929
7 Brown, Thomas Jackson  06 Mar 1934Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA I18972
8 CHRISTIAN, May Elizabeth  22 Mar 1889Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA I16887
9 COLLINS, Rodney Dare  07 Jun 1953Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA I237
10 HORTON, Mack  07 Oct 1947Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA I31624
11 KESTNER, Billy Frederick  1941Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA I1573
12 Lipford, Richard Amos  08 Apr 1852Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA I19397
13 Lowe, Ellis Perry  02 Sep 1958Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA I31569
14 LOWE, Juanita  29 Dec 1923Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA I18816
15 Manes, Alexander Jr.  ca 1912Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA I18526
16 Nicewander, Roy William  ca 1911Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA I21347
17 Phipps, Gerald  25 Aug 1943Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA I33328
18 Stewart, Lydia Ann  24 Feb 1989Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA I35492
19 Welch, Shelby Jean  07 Oct 1947Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA I31768


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ABSHER, Dewey  07 Apr 1992Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA I8617
2 ABSHER, Lloyd William  05 Feb 1987Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA I8619
3 ABSHER, Roy  04 Nov 1984Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA I8618
4 Alley, William Andrew  27 Mar 1928Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA I33986
5 Altizer, Danny Lee  21 May 2002Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA I10229
6 ALTIZER, Henry Doak  17 Jan 1956Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA I16097
7 ALTIZER, Jim Tom  06 Nov 1991Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA I9420
8 ALTIZER, Otis Flavius  15 Feb 1967Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA I31848
9 ALTIZER, William G.  10 Jan 2006Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA I8604
10 ALTIZER, William Harvey  25 Aug 1957Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA I31875
11 Arms, Elihu  05 Feb 1999Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA I31513
12 Baldwin, Bane Aubrey  17 Oct 1985Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA I31410
13 Baldwin, John G. Watts  19 Dec 1981Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA I31406
14 Baldwin, Ola Gay  03 Nov 1960Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA I31412
15 Beavers, Elsie Lou  28 Jan 1972Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA I20627
16 BEAVERS, Mollie Rosa  31 Jan 1923Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA I2818
17 BEAVERS, Moses  01 Oct 1940Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA I5137
18 BEAVERS, Ollie Uva  27 Dec 1980Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA I26623
19 Blankenship, Audrey Mae  08 Jan 1966Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA I31783
20 Bolding, Vernon Dewitt  08 Dec 1951Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA I31501
21 Brown, James Clinton  02 Sep 1962Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA I18967
22 Brown, James Clinton Jr.  23 Jan 2002Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA I18970
23 BURRESS, Byrd Patton  15 Jun 1971Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA I33911
24 BURRESS, John W.  24 May 1929Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA I2974
25 BURRESS, Melvin Wesley  31 Mar 1985Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA I34000
26 Carter, David Lee  24 Jun 1945Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA I31590
27 CHAMBERS, Boyd Ramey  28 Feb 1960Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA I31781
28 CHAMBERS, Edward Ralph  24 Apr 2015Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA I31599
29 CHAMBERS, Grace  25 Nov 1975Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA I8140
30 CHAMBERS, Jennie C.  12 Apr 1959Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA I8134
31 CHAMBERS, Margie Pearl  11 Mar 1956Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA I31615
32 CHAMBERS, Nannie Bell  22 Sep 1999Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA I31565
33 CHAMBERS, Rena Belle (Rennie)  5 Jun 1965Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA I8136
34 CHAMBERS, Rosa Kansas  06 May 1993Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA I31782
35 CHRISTIAN, Henry Floyd  20 Aug 1972Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA I16895
36 Christian, Ira Irving  Aug 1969Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA I19773
37 COMPTON, Ida  02 Jun 1960Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA I8122
38 Cyphers, Thomas Jefferson  07 Apr 1962Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA I17501
39 Day, Mary Evelyn  25 Nov 1976Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA I31598
40 Echols, Walter  07 Nov 1986Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA I9734
41 Elrod, Edith Lucille  13 Aug 2000Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA I31491
42 Ferrell, Morris Bennett  27 Oct 1955Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA I34481
43 Fox, Frances (Frankie)  23 Jul 1984Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA I16937
44 Griffith, Irvin Paul  Sep 1995Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA I17156
45 Hale, Leah Victoria  06 Dec 1989Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA I35183
46 HARMAN, Charles Fred  18 Sep 1978Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA I20835
47 Helbert, Edgar  08 Apr 1971Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA I25381
48 Henkel, Eva  05 Jan 1956Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA I31880
49 HONAKER, Ezra Wiser  22 Aug 1956Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA I8137
50 HONAKER, Fred Linkous  06 Sep 1949Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA I31468

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ABSHER / Mallory  10 Apr 1954Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA F13347
2 ABSHER / Street  17 Jul 1954Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA F13348
3 Arms / Messick  08 Aug 1954Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA F13249
4 BEAVERS / Helton  18 Nov 1917Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA F11288
5 Carter / Shelton  09 May 1967Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA F13277
6 MINTON / WHITAKER  23 Oct 1939Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA F6
7 PACK / GILLESPIE  16 Jul 1889Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA F2006
8 Robinson / Stillwell  07 Jul 1956Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA F13333
9 SHORT / WHITAKER  16 Jul 1920Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA F47
10 Witt / Couch  03 Jun 1967Richlands, Tazewell Co. VA F13280