War, McDowell Co. WV



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Altizer, John Thomas  26 Jan 1931War, McDowell Co. WV I17181
2 Altizer, Lawrence Arch  17 Feb 1920War, McDowell Co. WV I17456
3 BEAVERS, Roy Kenneth  28 May 1924War, McDowell Co. WV I23204
4 BEAVERS, Ruth M.  03 Oct 1921War, McDowell Co. WV I28084
5 Brewster, Anna Mae  ca 1924War, McDowell Co. WV I19003
6 CHRISTIAN, Calvin Breddy  03 Apr 1924War, McDowell Co. WV I16945
7 Davis, Beulah  24 Jun 1915War, McDowell Co. WV I19002
8 HICKS, William Harrison Jr.  29 Oct 1924War, McDowell Co. WV I2956
9 Howell, Hilda Marie  21 Sep 1927War, McDowell Co. WV I27650
10 Owens, Willie Franklin  24 Jun 1941War, McDowell Co. WV I33378
11 Puckett, Dovie  11 Jun 1928War, McDowell Co. WV I33375
12 Puckett, Norma Loveella  29 Oct 1921War, McDowell Co. WV I33372
13 Puckett, Ocie Talmage  09 Mar 1926War, McDowell Co. WV I33374
14 Radford, Exie Leeburn  15 Sep 1920War, McDowell Co. WV I19818
15 Radford, John McCullough  13 May 1913War, McDowell Co. WV I16917
16 Staten, Juanita Meda  04 Jul 1917War, McDowell Co. WV I33391
17 Steele, William Sr.  ca 1915War, McDowell Co. WV I17006
18 West, Ruth Lucille  01 Apr 1921War, McDowell Co. WV I18949
19 WHITAKER, Larry Oliver  18 Dec 1943War, McDowell Co. WV I279
20 Wingo, Lena Blanche  21 Aug 1921War, McDowell Co. WV I17444


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Altizer, Grayson (Graze) G.  15 Aug 1931War, McDowell Co. WV I17179
2 Altizer, John Thomas  25 Oct 1941War, McDowell Co. WV I17174
3 Altizer, Youva Unice  30 Jan 1944War, McDowell Co. WV I17175
4 BEAVERS, Eliza Louise  20 Jul 1974War, McDowell Co. WV I3746
5 BEAVERS, Robert Lee  1 Mar 1980War, McDowell Co. WV I4212
6 CHRISTIAN, Mary Lee  07 Dec 1937War, McDowell Co. WV I9923
7 CHRISTIAN, Rebecca Jane  22 May 1969War, McDowell Co. WV I17170
8 CHRISTIAN, Sarah Alice  04 Aug 1961War, McDowell Co. WV I3685
9 CHRISTIAN, Virgil Herman  26 Jun 1952War, McDowell Co. WV I16856
10 Creed, Claud Grant  05 Apr 1924War, McDowell Co. WV I19827
11 HARMAN, Beverly French  19 Apr 1955War, McDowell Co. WV I30
12 Holliday, Louisa/Louiza  26 Dec 1895War, McDowell Co. WV I16239
13 Howell, Robert K (Bobby)  21 Sep 1930War, McDowell Co. WV I27651
14 Shelton, William Ballard  Feb 1976War, McDowell Co. WV I18944
15 Vandyke, Rebecca Jane  12 Dec 1961War, McDowell Co. WV I18943
16 Williams, Henry A.  08 Feb 1911War, McDowell Co. WV I8500
17 WILLIAMS, Henry Steward  15 Jul 1959War, McDowell Co. WV I4232
18 Wingo, Thomas Harvey  13 Oct 1926War, McDowell Co. WV I17241


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bowles / ALTIZER  03 May 1916War, McDowell Co. WV F13375
2 HARMAN / Perkins  02 Sep 1949War, McDowell Co. WV F8315
3 PACK / Altizer  13 Mar 1914War, McDowell Co. WV F6160
4 Puckett / PACK  Jan 1921War, McDowell Co. WV F6368