Baltimore, Baltimore Co.MD



Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Nancy  Bef 1880Baltimore, Baltimore Co.MD I7778
2 Asbury, Walter  May 1992Baltimore, Baltimore Co.MD I21007
3 Bandy, Gladys  Nov 1981Baltimore, Baltimore Co.MD I19938
4 BEAVERS, Arnold Jack  23 Jan 1975Baltimore, Baltimore Co.MD I19307
5 BEAVERS, Jay Vernon  22 Mar 2000Baltimore, Baltimore Co.MD I4246
6 CHRISTIAN, Evin Ellis (Evia) Jr.  20 Jan 1993Baltimore, Baltimore Co.MD I17994
7 FALLIN, Elizabeth  30 Oct 1944Baltimore, Baltimore Co.MD I6849
8 Fischer, Barbara M.  15 Jan 1982Baltimore, Baltimore Co.MD I25689
9 Head, James Edward  03 Feb 1997Baltimore, Baltimore Co.MD I26938
10 Hughart, Lela Steele  18 Feb 1978Baltimore, Baltimore Co.MD I19516
11 HURST, Homer  17 Sep 1928Baltimore, Baltimore Co.MD I5895
12 Matthews, Ada  Bef 1930Baltimore, Baltimore Co.MD I25702
13 McNamara, Henry Lake  27 Dec 1844Baltimore, Baltimore Co.MD I25535
14 Mister, George  Aug 1871Baltimore, Baltimore Co.MD I25549
15 O'Sullivan, Elizabeth  28 Oct 1945Baltimore, Baltimore Co.MD I25691
16 Puckett, Sarah E.  Aft 1940Baltimore, Baltimore Co.MD I21777
17 RUSSELL, Nancy  Bef 1870Baltimore, Baltimore Co.MD I24533
18 Slacum, Edward Marcellus  Aft 1940Baltimore, Baltimore Co.MD I25688
19 Slacum, Francis (Frank)  1929Baltimore, Baltimore Co.MD I25752
20 Slacum, Gerogianna  Aft 1920Baltimore, Baltimore Co.MD I24163
21 Slacum, James Howard  04 Oct 1989Baltimore, Baltimore Co.MD I25724
22 Slacum, Luther Alfred  Mar 1969Baltimore, Baltimore Co.MD I24170
23 Slacum, Robert  16 Jul 2004Baltimore, Baltimore Co.MD I25725
24 Slacum, William John  11 Feb 1957Baltimore, Baltimore Co.MD I25701
25 Stokes, Andrew  Jul 1969Baltimore, Baltimore Co.MD I21869
26 Stokes, Henry Lee  Jan 1985Baltimore, Baltimore Co.MD I21876