Columbus, Franklin Co. OH



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Williams, Charles A. Jr.  05 Jul 1923Columbus, Franklin Co. OH I20494


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ady, Otis Ray  18 Dec 1954Columbus, Franklin Co. OH I20364
2 ALTIZER, Belle  ca 1920Columbus, Franklin Co. OH I16137
3 ALTIZER, George Washington  14 Jul 1938Columbus, Franklin Co. OH I16128
4 Blackburn, Marguerite  03 Mar 2000Columbus, Franklin Co. OH I21471
5 CHRISTIAN, Olive (Ollie)  08 Mar 1966Columbus, Franklin Co. OH I26594
6 Coen, Stella  03 Jan 1980Columbus, Franklin Co. OH I20403
7 Fischer, Harry Frederick  05 Apr 2007Columbus, Franklin Co. OH I35841
8 Isaacs, Lawrence Mitchell  20 Apr 1979Columbus, Franklin Co. OH I20906
9 Joyce, Clarence Rufus  12 Jun 1980Columbus, Franklin Co. OH I31464
10 Kearns, Margaret (Peggy)  19 Oct 1990Columbus, Franklin Co. OH I35835
11 Lockhart, Delmas Lewis  01 Jun 1997Columbus, Franklin Co. OH I23036
12 Minton, Lucy  22 Oct 1982Columbus, Franklin Co. OH I14086
13 Prater, Dennis B.  22 May 1980Columbus, Franklin Co. OH I26595
14 Pruitt, Robert Harry  28 Nov 1991Columbus, Franklin Co. OH I19755
15 Shannon, Meva  04 Dec 2007Columbus, Franklin Co. OH I21139
16 Stackpole, Amos Ray  23 Nov 1979Columbus, Franklin Co. OH I20346
17 Stackpole, Norman  08 Jun 1984Columbus, Franklin Co. OH I20406
18 Williams, Havana Texas  27 Sep 1991Columbus, Franklin Co. OH I21464
19 Williams, Helen Louise  04 Jan 1995Columbus, Franklin Co. OH I26271