Iaeger, McDowell Co. WV



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Blevins, Danny Keith  08 Dec 1958Iaeger, McDowell Co. WV I21097
2 Horn, Effie  ca 1930Iaeger, McDowell Co. WV I23189
3 Long, Russell T.  25 Jul 1919Iaeger, McDowell Co. WV I21044
4 PAYNE, William Randolph  13 Jul 1894Iaeger, McDowell Co. WV I3398
5 Rowe, Nona Mae  ca 1943Iaeger, McDowell Co. WV I24888
6 Vanover, Charles Lindon  15 Sep 1930Iaeger, McDowell Co. WV I22842
7 Vanover, Creed  31 Aug 1894Iaeger, McDowell Co. WV I22841
8 Vanover, Daisy S.  06 Mar 1918Iaeger, McDowell Co. WV I22844
9 Vanover, Franklin Delano  14 Mar 1933Iaeger, McDowell Co. WV I22914
10 Vanover, Ray Daniel  30 Oct 1927Iaeger, McDowell Co. WV I22913
11 Vanover, Roy Algie  30 Oct 1927Iaeger, McDowell Co. WV I22911
12 Vanover, Warren G.  30 Nov 1920Iaeger, McDowell Co. WV I22843
13 WHITAKER, Johnny Mack  20 Apr 1950Iaeger, McDowell Co. WV I24907


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Asbury, Charlotte  14 Aug 1943Iaeger, McDowell Co. WV I22996
2 Asbury, David  03 May 1926Iaeger, McDowell Co. WV I20998
3 Asbury, Lessie  27 Jul 1931Iaeger, McDowell Co. WV I21142
4 Asbury, Rebecca  12 Aug 1957Iaeger, McDowell Co. WV I22664
5 Asbury, Velda  02 Dec 1939Iaeger, McDowell Co. WV I21138
6 CHRISTIAN, George Franklin  29 Sep 1986Iaeger, McDowell Co. WV I21041
7 CHRISTIAN, Hershel Harrison  10 May 1965Iaeger, McDowell Co. WV I21152
8 CHRISTIAN, Loretta June  01 Apr 2004Iaeger, McDowell Co. WV I21043
9 Hagerman, Henry  23 Dec 1958Iaeger, McDowell Co. WV I21084
10 Kennedy, Ben F.  09 Jan 1967Iaeger, McDowell Co. WV I23177
11 Kennedy, Bessie  18 Aug 1971Iaeger, McDowell Co. WV I21131
12 Kennedy, Rosette  29 Nov 1950Iaeger, McDowell Co. WV I22999
13 Long, Russell T.  17 Feb 2000Iaeger, McDowell Co. WV I21044
14 Matney, Gathie  10 Sep 2009Iaeger, McDowell Co. WV I21140
15 Miller, Gertrude  05 Mar 1932Iaeger, McDowell Co. WV I21042
16 Powell, Maggie  19 Mar 1989Iaeger, McDowell Co. WV I22840
17 Steel, Missouri  26 Aug 1932Iaeger, McDowell Co. WV I21016
18 Vanover, Creed  06 Oct 1954Iaeger, McDowell Co. WV I22841
19 Vanover, Daisy S.  30 May 2011Iaeger, McDowell Co. WV I22844
20 WHITAKER, Johnny Mack  11 May 1951Iaeger, McDowell Co. WV I24907


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Blevins, Hershel  Iaeger, McDowell Co. WV I21107
2 Miller, Gertrude  Iaeger, McDowell Co. WV I21042
3 Rowe, Ross McKinley Jr.  Iaeger, McDowell Co. WV I26559


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Asbury / Matney  15 Apr 1953Iaeger, McDowell Co. WV F9860
2 Bowles / BEAVERS  03 Nov 1939Iaeger, McDowell Co. WV F10488
3 Fain / Blankenship  25 Jul 1941Iaeger, McDowell Co. WV F11026
4 Morgan / Rowe  17 Feb 1961Iaeger, McDowell Co. WV F11022
5 Reed / Asbury  26 Aug 1919Iaeger, McDowell Co. WV F9851