Logan Co. VA/WV



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Carey, Willilam Anderson (Anse)  Jan 1851Logan Co. VA/WV I13811
2 Chaffin, Andrew Jackson  05 Jan 1841Logan Co. VA/WV I13792
3 Chaffin, Eliza Jane  08 May 1858Logan Co. VA/WV I13798
4 Chaffin, Elizabeth (Betty)  21 May 1851Logan Co. VA/WV I13797
5 Chaffin, John  Jun 1860Logan Co. VA/WV I13799
6 Chaffin, Levisa (Levicy)  20 Dec 1842Logan Co. VA/WV I13793
7 Chaffin, Mary  22 Feb 1847Logan Co. VA/WV I13795
8 Chaffin, Moses (Morris)  Feb 1845Logan Co. VA/WV I13794
9 Chaffin, Nancy  1849Logan Co. VA/WV I13796
10 Chaffin, Sarah (Sallie)  05 Aug 1838Logan Co. VA/WV I13791
11 Hatfield, Dixie  11 Oct 1889Logan Co. VA/WV I13785
12 Hatfield, Elias Prater (Good 'Lias)  Aug 1846Logan Co. VA/WV I13812
13 McCoy, Harriet Josephine  08 Apr 1855Logan Co. VA/WV I13809
14 McCoy, William Johnson  Mar 1838Logan Co. VA/WV I13802
15 Mounts, Levicy  03 Jul 1851Logan Co. VA/WV I13804
16 Varney, Matilda  1820Logan Co. VA/WV I13773
17 Webb, John Wallace  16 Feb 1844Logan Co. VA/WV I13810


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Chaffin, Christopher  ca 1833Logan Co. VA/WV I13775