McDowell Co., WV



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALTIZER, Glen Johnson  14 Oct 1891McDowell Co., WV I3860
2 ALTIZER, Hanes K.  25 Feb 1909McDowell Co., WV I3877
3 BARNETT, Ann S.  1868McDowell Co., WV I3635
4 BARNETT, Elizabeth  1850McDowell Co., WV I3458
5 BARNETT, George W.  1894McDowell Co., WV I3504
6 BARNETT, Grover Clifton  Apr 1895McDowell Co., WV I3566
7 BARNETT, Henry F.  12 Jul 1872McDowell Co., WV I3463
8 BARNETT, Hester A.  1881McDowell Co., WV I3561
9 BARNETT, James C.  13 Apr 1898McDowell Co., WV I3567
10 BARNETT, John  1891McDowell Co., WV I3454
11 BARNETT, Julie  1887McDowell Co., WV I3453
12 BARNETT, Mary Jane  1860McDowell Co., WV I3543
13 BARNETT, Nancy S.  Mar 1885McDowell Co., WV I3563
14 BARNETT, Ruthie J.  1872McDowell Co., WV I3636
15 BEAVERS, Addie  31 Aug 1912McDowell Co., WV I4252
16 BEAVERS, Alexander Dillion  May 1869McDowell Co., WV I4268
17 BEAVERS, Brooks Foster  29 Oct 1896McDowell Co., WV I4317
18 BEAVERS, Daniel  30 Aug 1916McDowell Co., WV I4255
19 BEAVERS, Dock William  4 Mar 1884McDowell Co., WV I4273
20 BEAVERS, James Mathias  1872McDowell Co., WV I4269
21 BEAVERS, John Greenwalt (Gus)  02 Feb 1882McDowell Co., WV I4193
22 Beavers, Lizzie  ca 1866McDowell Co., WV I9830
23 BEAVERS, Martha Shone  5 Sep 1877McDowell Co., WV I3573
24 BEAVERS, Mollie M.  14 Apr 1877McDowell Co., WV I4272
25 BEAVERS, Thomas E.  ca 1905McDowell Co., WV I3058
26 BEAVERS, Thomas Rush  9 Oct 1874McDowell Co., WV I3261
27 CHARLES, Lucinda S.  4 Sep 1893McDowell Co., WV I3751
28 CHRISTIAN, Daniel E.  22 Jul 1875McDowell Co., WV I3725
29 CHRISTIAN, Moses  1868McDowell Co., WV I3721
30 CHRISTIAN, Sally  1859McDowell Co., WV I3713
31 DAMERON, Sarah  02 Jan 1891McDowell Co., WV I4249
32 Murphy, Thomas Averal  13 Mar 1865McDowell Co., WV I17385
33 REED, Henry James  18 Sep 1882McDowell Co., WV I3606
34 REED, Lydia Elizabeth  Feb 1888McDowell Co., WV I3608
35 REED, Martha LaFronia  Aug 1890McDowell Co., WV I3609
36 REED, Nancy  Jan 1885McDowell Co., WV I3607
37 REED, Pearl Frances  Apr 1894McDowell Co., WV I3611
38 REED, Rachel Jane  1872McDowell Co., WV I3604
39 REED, Thomas  Aug 1890McDowell Co., WV I3610


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALTIZER, Robert F.  22 Jan 1930McDowell Co., WV I3846
2 BEAVERS, Dock William  24 Feb 1932McDowell Co., WV I4273
3 BEAVERS, James Mathias  1909McDowell Co., WV I4269
4 BEAVERS, William  Bef 1880McDowell Co., WV I3094
5 CHARLES, Lucinda S.  29 Jul 1959McDowell Co., WV I3751
6 CHRISTIAN, Daniel E.  15 Oct 1949McDowell Co., WV I3725
7 CHRISTIAN, Jacob Hankins  20 Jun 1945McDowell Co., WV I3722
8 CHRISTIAN, Moses Wilson  21 Sep 1932McDowell Co., WV I3684
9 REED, John Wesley  09 Jun 1887McDowell Co., WV I3605
10 WHITAKER, Walter  15 Sep 1929McDowell Co., WV I82