Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BEAVERS, Robina  3 Dec 1854Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I3129
2 Nelson, John B.  22 Mar 1866Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I19387
3 Nelson, Alice S.  26 Oct 1868Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I19393
4 Nelson, Susan Anna (Sue)  25 Apr 1872Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I19396
5 Nelson, Orville Brown  06 Jun 1873Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I19413
6 Nelson, Margaret Louise  26 Oct 1874Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I19394
7 Nelson, George W.  ca 1877Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I19415
8 WHITT, George  08 Sep 1879Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I320
9 Bandy, Ollie Jane  21 Oct 1881Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I20643
10 Nelson, Gertrude Bell  05 Jan 1884Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I19431
11 BEAVERS, Bertha Mae  17 Oct 1884Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I19788
12 Bandy, Erastus Blair  02 May 1889Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I19815
13 BEAVERS, David Carl  09 Feb 1891Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I4386
14 BEAVERS, Mary Elizabeth  26 Aug 1891Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I17037
15 CHRISTIAN, John Willie  22 Jul 1892Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I16990
16 WHITAKER, Avery Clarence  14 Aug 1893Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I89
17 WHITAKER, Clavery L.  14 Aug 1893Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I102
18 CHRISTIAN, Samuel James  25 Dec 1895Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I3704
19 WALDRON, Charlie M.  09 Mar 1896Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I3144
20 BEAVERS, James William  11 Sep 1898Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I4209
21 Christian, Gypsy Arlene  28 Sep 1902Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I16914
22 CHRISTIAN, Reece Edward  22 Jun 1905Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I19009
23 Wingo, George Lee  25 Jun 1906Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I17438
24 BEAVERS, Rhoda  18 Sep 1906Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I3141
25 BEAVERS, Ocie Rachel  03 Feb 1907Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I9742
26 BEAVERS, Flora  1908Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I9732
27 CHRISTIAN, Rawsie Marie Blackley  19 Jan 1908Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I16954
28 BEAVERS, Myrtle  10 Oct 1910Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I9733
29 Beavers, Aubrey Curtis  18 Dec 1911Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I17020
30 BEAVERS, Herman Linzie  07 Feb 1917Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I18990
31 Lambert, Fred O.  ca 1918Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I17291
32 Bandy, Edgar Darrell  04 Nov 1918Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I19817
33 Bandy, Mary Opal  14 May 1923Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I19819
34 Barrett, Irby Thomas  24 Feb 1925Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I16805
35 Bandy, William Ferrell  08 Aug 1925Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I19820
36 Bandy, Stanley Powell  29 Mar 1929Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I19821
37 Phillips, Ida Creola June  13 Apr 1933Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I19241
38 ALTIZER, Charlie Dale  26 Jul 1996Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I17059


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALTIZER, Rutha Susan  9 Sep 1889Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I4448
2 ALTIZER, Riley James  ca 1896Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I17071
3 Nelson, William  12 Mar 1902Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I16061
4 BEAVERS, Mathias Harman  05 Mar 1913Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I4348
5 Wingo, Sarah Jane (Sallie)  07 May 1918Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I9931
6 CHRISTIAN, Thomas Christian  21 May 1920Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I4408
7 Nelson, John B.  02 Dec 1929Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I19387
8 Brewster, Lettie Elizabeth  18 Feb 1930Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I2843
9 Nelson, Orville Brown  14 May 1933Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I19413
10 Bandy, Erastus Blair  19 Mar 1938Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I19815
11 ALTIZER, John Henry  27 Sep 1944Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I8556
12 Ward, Samantha  22 Jan 1948Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I31827
13 ALTIZER, Flora Bell  08 Oct 1949Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I31842
14 Nelson, Moses M.  27 Sep 1950Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I16062
15 CHRISTIAN, Mary Euphemie  24 Mar 1952Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I4480
16 HARMAN, John Henry  03 Mar 1953Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I20824
17 Dunford, Samuel  06 Mar 1956Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I9929
18 Vandyke, William  06 Apr 1957Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I9875
19 BEAVERS, Robert Lee  06 Mar 1963Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I4388
20 BEAVERS, Thomas Kelly  01 Jan 1966Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I9694
21 BEAVERS, James Otis  23 Nov 1967Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I9693
22 Bandy, Geroge Vincent  Apr 1968Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I17002
23 Barrett, Rufus Everett  15 Dec 1972Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I16751
24 BEAVERS, Mary Elizabeth  06 Feb 1974Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I17037
25 Radford, William Alfred  24 Nov 1975Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I16918
26 CHRISTIAN, Fannie Mae  08 Jun 1977Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I16973
27 Nelson, William  Feb 1978Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I19423
28 Vandyke, Carrie Elizabeth  04 Mar 1979Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I18926
29 Bandy, Stanley Powell  02 Jan 1990Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I19821
30 ALTIZER, Kermit Shelley  19 Feb 1993Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I16321
31 Bandy, Ulysses H.  22 Jan 1997Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I16976
32 Barrett, Irby Thomas  12 Feb 1998Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I16805
33 Bandy, Christopher Mark  29 Mar 1998Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I16981
34 Bandy, Windom N.  19 Jun 2001Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I16986
35 ALTIZER, Charlie Dale  06 Dec 2002Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I17059
36 Beavers, Gary Thomas  03 Jan 2005Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I19862
37 Bandy, Pansy Leona  08 Jan 2011Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I17005


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Howell, Hilda Marie  Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I27650
2 Howell, Robert K (Bobby)  Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I27651
3 WHITAKER, Mahlon B.  21 Jun 1934Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA I656


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BEAVERS / Belcher  21 Jun 1913Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA F11269
2 Bryant / Beavers  22 Mar 1917Bandy, Tazewell Co. VA F8410