Los Angeles Co. CA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CLARKE, Janiece  ca 1934Los Angeles Co. CA I27882
2 CLARKE, Minnie Darlene  15 Apr 1932Los Angeles Co. CA I27881
3 Dunn, Opal May  13 May 1931Los Angeles Co. CA I23855
4 Giddens, Kenneth Brian  17 Jun 1959Los Angeles Co. CA I29627
5 OWENS, Wyman Henry Jr.  05 Jun 1936Los Angeles Co. CA I32556
6 Smith, Arnold Ludlow  23 Jun 1924Los Angeles Co. CA I32635
7 SORENSEN, Betty Louise  22 May 1925Los Angeles Co. CA I2399


Matches 1 to 32 of 32

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Durr, Arthur Alphaeus  23 Nov 1972Los Angeles Co. CA I32228
2 BARTON, Horace Jarvis  18 Mar 1968Los Angeles Co. CA I2379
3 Bollinger, Charles Emerson  12 Oct 1983Los Angeles Co. CA I29547
4 Childress, Charles William  17 Feb 1963Los Angeles Co. CA I20479
5 Cook, Vera Elizabeth  13 Jan 1990Los Angeles Co. CA I34245
6 Dillman, Clementine Elzora  07 Sep 1952Los Angeles Co. CA I9200
7 Dillman, George  1927Los Angeles Co. CA I9175
8 Dillman, Ira Frank  Jun 1964Los Angeles Co. CA I9181
9 Dunn, Louis McCrory  11 Jun 1962Los Angeles Co. CA I23852
10 Ferrell, Frank G.  08 Sep 1984Los Angeles Co. CA I34506
11 Ferrell, Robert Anderson  06 Sep 1996Los Angeles Co. CA I34525
12 Finley, Betty Gwynn  04 Dec 1973Los Angeles Co. CA I30434
13 Foster, Hugh James  14 Jul 1961Los Angeles Co. CA I30346
14 Giddens, Curtis Tom  13 Apr 1976Los Angeles Co. CA I29618
15 Harbison, Lucille  13 Jun 1987Los Angeles Co. CA I29633
16 HURST, Warner James  08 Apr 1938Los Angeles Co. CA I5894
17 Mandeville, Ira Judson  11 Mar 1953Los Angeles Co. CA I24674
18 Mandeville, Ira Leckie  08 Jul 1935Los Angeles Co. CA I24676
19 Martin, Lema Florence  27 Jan 1995Los Angeles Co. CA I34507
20 McClung, Alta  14 Jan 1986Los Angeles Co. CA I32292
21 OGDEN, Grace Ramona  22 Jan 1922Los Angeles Co. CA I2348
22 OGDEN, Mary  23 Oct 1936Los Angeles Co. CA I2344
23 OWENS, Wyman Henry  27 Mar 1979Los Angeles Co. CA I30125
24 Seals, Milton Colbart  16 Nov 1970Los Angeles Co. CA I15666
25 Swaney, Charles  22 Feb 1943Los Angeles Co. CA I24033
26 Tatum, Rosie Leona  11 Oct 1990Los Angeles Co. CA I23853
27 Thompson, George Amos Sr.  03 Mar 1976Los Angeles Co. CA I34243
28 TILDEN, Mildred Ethelwynn  14 Apr 1962Los Angeles Co. CA I2378
29 Townsend, Joseph S.  29 Feb 1940Los Angeles Co. CA I24147
30 Vipperman, Orville  02 Aug 2006Los Angeles Co. CA I21242
31 Wilson, Charles Howard  05 Nov 1955Los Angeles Co. CA I12668
32 Zimlinghaus, Agnes Adell  21 Feb 1936Los Angeles Co. CA I28083


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Harbeson / Dotson  22 Sep 1956Los Angeles Co. CA F14185
2 Jones / TATE  17 Feb 1973Los Angeles Co. CA F14186
3 Krahenbill / Harrah  10 May 1952Los Angeles Co. CA F13437
4 Nicely / Ehrich  10 Apr 1965Los Angeles Co. CA F13435